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Eleventh of Sixth Month, 1769. -- There have been sundry cases of late yearswithin the limits of our Monthly Meeting, respecting the exercising of purerighteousness towards the negroes, in which I have lived under a labour ofheart that equity might be steadily preserved. On this account I have had someclose exercises among Friends, in which, I may thankfully say, I find peace. First of Seventh Month. -- I have been at Quarterly Meetings at Sherrington,Northampton, Banbury, and Shipton, and have had sundry meetings between. Mymind hath been bowed under a sense of divine goodness manifested among us; myheart hath been often enlarged in true love, both among ministers and eldersand in public meetings, and through the Lord's goodness I believe it hath beena fresh visitation to many, in particular to the youth. � We visited some that were sick, and some widows and their families, and theother part of our time was mostly employed in visiting such as had slaves. Itwas a time of deep exercise, but, looking often to the Lord for His assistance,He in unspeakable kindness favoured us with the influence of that Spirit whichcrucifies to the greatness and splendour of this world, and enabled us to gothrough some heavy labours, in which we found peace. "Some years ago I retailed rum, sugar, and molasses, the fruits of the labourof slaves, but had not then much concern about them save only that the rummight be used in moderation; nor was this concern so weightily attended to as Inow believe it ought to have been. Having of late years been further informedrespecting the oppression too generally exercised in these islands, andthinking often on the dangers there are in connections of interest andfellowship with the works of darkness (Eph. v. 11), I have felt an increasingconcern to be wholly given up to the leadings of the Holy Spirit, and it hathseemed right that my small gain from this branch of trade should be applied inpromoting righteousness on the earth. This was the first motion towards a visitto Barbadoes. I believed also that part of my outward substance should beapplied in paying my passage, if I went, and providing things in a lowly wayfor my subsistence; but when the time drew near in which I believed it requiredof me to be in readiness, a difficulty arose which hath been a continual trialfor some months past, under which I have, with abasement of mind from day today, sought the Lord for instruction, having often had a feeling of thecondition of one formerly, who bewailed himself because the Lord hid His facefrom him. During these exercises my heart hath often been contrite, and I havehad a tender feeling of the temptations of my fellow-creatures, labouring underexpensive customs not agreeable to the simplicity that 'there is in Christ' (2Cor. ii. 3), and sometimes in the renewings of gospel love I have been helpedto minister to others. � 男女做爰高清免费视频_成人免费视频在线观看 That afternoon Scott called in Jobs and Raskin for a showdown in front of Markkula. Jobs started crying. He and Raskin agreed on only one thing: Neither could work for the other one. On the Lisa project, Scott had sided with Couch. This time he decided it was best to let Jobs win. After all, the Mac was a minor development project housed in a distant building that could keep Jobs occupied away from the main campus. Raskin was told to take a leave of absence. 鈥淭hey wanted to humor me and give me something to do, which was fine,鈥?Jobs recalled. 鈥淚t was like going back to the garage for me. I had my own ragtag team and I was in control.鈥? The poverty of spirit and inward weakness, with which I was much tried thefore part of this journey, has of late appeared to me a dispensation ofkindness. Appointing meetings never appeared more weighty to me, and I was ledinto a deep search whether in all things my mind was resigned to the will ofGod; often querying with myself what should be the cause of such inwardpoverty, and greatly desiring that no secret reserve in my heart might hindermy access to the divine fountain. In these humbling times I was made watchful,and excited to attend to the secret movings of the heavenly principle in mymind, which prepared the way to some duties, that, in more easy and prosperoustimes as to the outward, I believe I should have been in danger of omitting. Two days later, I announced one of the most important environmental accomplishments of my entire eight years in office, the establishment of the 1.7 millionacre Grand StaircaseEscalante National Monument in the remote and beautiful red rock area of southern Utah, which contains fossils of dinosaurs and the remains of the ancient Anasazi Indian civilization. I had the authority to do so under the Antiquities Act of 1906, which allows the President to protect federal lands of extraordinary cultural, historic, and scientific value. I made the announcement with Al Gore on the edge of the Grand Canyon, which Theodore Roosevelt had first protected under the Antiquities Act. My action was necessary to stop a large coal mine that would have fundamentally changed the character of the area. Most of the Utah officials and many who wanted the mining operations economic boost were against it, but the land was priceless, and I thought the monument designation would bring in tourism income that over time would more than offset the loss of the mine. CHAPTER FOUR ATARI AND INDIA Fourteenth of Sixth Month. -- Having felt drawings in my mind to visitFriends about Salem, and having the approbation of our Monthly Meeting, Iattended their Quarterly Meeting, and was out seven days, and attended sevenmeetings; in some of them I was chiefly silent; in others, through thebaptizing power of truth, my heart was enlarged in heavenly love, and I found anear fellowship with the brethren and sisters, in the manifold trials attendingtheir Christian progress through this world.